Steampunk Clothing & Accessories!

Nearly all the clothing I am offering for sale is modified mainstream clothing, primarily in my own Post-Apocalyptic raggedy Steampunk style! I use all sorts of odds and ends, found objects, fabric remnants, beads and washers. Since these items are one-of-a-kind, I cannot offer alternative sizing, colours, etc. However if you like the style but that particular item doesn't suit you (wrong size, colour, whatever), email me! I might just be working on something similar that will suit you!

Gentleman's Peach-coloured Steampunk Shirt

This is definitely the shirt for the intrepid dandy, long since down on his luck and forced to survive using his skill at the gaming tables! Upcycled cotton men's shirt, size small, with cotton tape and polyester lace as well as poly-cotton appliques on the shirt back. The polyester lace is deliberately distressed. Original tag reads "small 37/38." Shoulder yoke is 44 cm across.

Photobucket Close-up of shirt front with ruffles.

PhotobucketShirt front.

PhotobucketCuffs have ruffles and lace.

$50 USD plus $20 USD shipping charge

Raggedy Gentleman's Steampunk Shirt

Yet another smashing fellow who maychance has seen the inside of one too many opium dens! Cotton upcycled men's shirt in size medium.

 photo IMG_0779_zps8f342242.jpg

Raggedy Gentleman's Steampunk Shirt

$50 USD plus $20 USD shipping charge

Gentleman Adventurer's Shirt

For the fine gentleman who, even in the depths of decadence, still enjoys the rememberance of better days. Who know? Perhaps his silver chains once held tokens of affections, now pawned, from his myriad of lovers?

 photo gentleman5.jpg

Photobucket Detail of shirt front with appliques and jewelry chains. Please notice that the chains are easily removable so that you may safely wash your shirt in the washing machine!

Photobucket Detail of the cuffs.

PhotobucketDetail of the collar.

$50 USD plus $20 USD shipping charge

Weird West Steampunk Shirt

Upcycled men's shirt with a Weird West theme, this is perfect for the more rugged Steampunk!

 photo westernsteam7.jpgFront of shirt.

Photobucket Back of shirt.

Photobucket Front detail.

$50 USD plus $20 USD shipping charge

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